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Quality in Vogue

Quality is in vogue. We make great wines in the pursuit of the highest quality. We work our vineyards with care and expertise following Nature’s tempos, and we hand-harvest the fruits of our land. In our winery, the ancient wisdom handed down from our grandparents meets the ultimate expression of modern oenology. We patiently work while waiting for the right age for each of our wines. Then we adorn our wines to adapt them to style contexts. Design, art, care for details. The strong personality of our wines translates to special bottles and labels.

With them, we speak of our region, the wisdom and know-how of Romagna people, our care for beauty, and the carefree spirit for fun of our lands.

First of all

Sangiovese 100%

Sangio Oro

100% Sangiovese of great character, comparable with the great Italian red wines. Fermented in steel tanks at controlled temperature and aged in small oak casks for 12/15 months.

Beautiful burgundy red with garnet nuances; on the nose it is intense, complex, very elegant, reminiscent of withered violet and Marasca cherries preserved in spirits. Full finish, with a typical fine toasting and accompanied by scents of vanilla and caramel. Full on the palate, powerful yet balanced, soft and long lasting.

Perfect as an aperitif to accompany sliced cured meats, or for a dinner with traditional pasta starters, red meat or game second courses, and cheeses – even mature and ripe ones.

Fermentation in steel tanks at controlled temperature Ageing in small oak casks for at least 12/15 months

The Romagna spirit condensed in an elegant black and gold rum bottle that goes beyond any fashion.

The best of our prodution

The Gold Line

All the unique avour and elegance of a region.

Five wines that represent the winemaking tradition of Romagna. An exclusive range specially created for the catering sector.

  • Sangio Oro (Sangiovese superiore riserva)
  • Sangio (Sangiovese superiore)
  • Cubera (Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • Pigno (Pignoletto)
  • Diverso (Chardonnay)

Tonino Guerra Selection

Poetry in every bottle and on every label

Tonino Guerra was a great appreciator of our wines, and we’re proud to have some of his works on the labels of this selection.
Guerra’s reputation as poet, lm director, scriptwriter, painter, writer and thinker is intimately connected with the traditions of his native Romagna.
Tonino Guerra’s Romagna is a Romagna where it’s quality, never quantity, that counts: where the frontiers between tradition, poetry and art are erased. These same values are embodied in Montaia wines.

  • Romagna DOP Sangiovese
  • Romagna DOP Sangiovese Superiore
  • Rubicone IGP Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Rubicone IGP Chardonnay
  • Pignoletto DOC
  • Romagna DOP Sangiovese Superiore Riserva


La tenuta

25 fully-planted hectares, 6500 vines per hectare, with excellent exposure to the sun. A small valley for big grapes.

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